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From its modest beginnings in 1975 when it opened its first Les Anges Montessori Academy for toddlers, Beaconhouse has extended its reach through a global education network that is now one of the largest in the world. An organisation that values its heritage while it continues to reinvent its educational provision to meet the needs of a future generation, Beaconhouse is now a major force in the education world, with an ever-expanding base already established in the UK, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, the UAE, Oman, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Dynamic and constantly evolving, Beaconhouse provides an innovative and progressive education to over 241,000 students worldwide with an unprecedented diversity in age, socio-economic background, and nationality. Of these, around 100,000 study at the group's flagship network, the Beaconhouse School System, while the remaining students are mostly enrolled at The Educators, a parallel school network operated by the group. The group has over 11,000 employees, of whom approximately 6,700 are teachers.

avBeaconhouse has always given utmost importance to the development of human capital and has an exemplary and flexible professional development programme for its teachers. It also takes an avant-garde approach to learning: it introduced the concept of project-based learning to Pakistan through TNS Beaconhouse, launched The Educators and Beaconhouse National University, secured the master franchise for Gymboree in Pakistan in 2010 and has now become the first major school network in Pakistan to offer the International Baccalaureate.

Beaconhouse provides quality education of an international standard. We aim for excellence through quality management, quality training and quality teaching, bringing benefit to our students, the community, the country and the wider world.

For more details please visit www.beaconhousetimes.net

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