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Program Features:
  • Parent-child program
  • 45-minute class
  • Free Play Gym
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Program: Play & Learn

Conducted on our Play floor using one-of-a-kind equipment especially designed for little kids, Play & learn classes nurture developmental milestones through age appropriate physical challenges, as well as social and intellectual skills through expert activities. It facilitates understanding & grasping of fundamental concepts. (Birth to 5 years)

Level 1- (0-6 Months)
The Thoughtful Observer: Becoming engaged in the world

In these early months newborns are becoming attentive & interested in the outside world. When they are made to feel safe, they learn about things around them using their senses: turn towards the sound of a maraca; visually track a moving toy; roll over to touch. Sensory exploration is facilitated in class using different activities like tummy time, flashlight play, new sounds, songs and infant massage. Visual and auditory skill development is supported.

Level 2 – (6-10) Months
The Doer: Learning to make things happen

During this time babies learn about cause and effect: shaking a toy to make it rattle. They understand that they can show what they want by making noises or using gestures & facial expressions: reaching out their arms to show that they want to be picked up. Cause & Effect is explored in class, facilitating an understanding of how the world works and how they can make things happen. Strength is built playing with ramps, climbers and slides.

Level 3 – (10-16 Months)
The Communicator: Exploring two-way communication

Children this age are becoming skilled in back-and-forth Interaction. They use actions and gestures to communicate: leading you by the hand to open a door, pointing to the book they want you to read to them, or taking turns rolling a ball back and forth with you. Communication is encouraged in class, responding to gestures & actions, and letting them know that what they are saying is important. Balance & coordination are built on the playscapes.

Level 4-(16-22 Months)
The Problem Solver: Figuring out how the world works

At this stage toddlers begin to understand the series of actions they need to perform, and in what specific order, to reach a desired goal – ‘motor planning’: climbing up the ramp and crawling through the tunnel to reach the slide.

Level 5 –(22-28 Months)
The Creative Thinker: Using words & symbols to express

Children at this level use pictures & objects to convey thoughts and develop ideas. They can form mental images of their desires: imagine the cookie they’re craving. They enjoy pretend play: feeding a toy bear, pretending to be daddy going to work.

Level 6-(28-36 Months)
The Logical Thinker: Making connections between ideas

Children are now rational beings who begin to understand the ‘why’ of things. They start creating stories that make logical sense. They can substitute symbols for real objects: a scarf becomes a kite & then needs the wind to fly up in the sky.

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