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Gymboree Play & Music offers you global membership. Enjoy classes in our network spread across 55 countries and 750 branches.
Gymboree offers various promotional offers from time to time to facilitate members, such as:

  • Sibling discount
  • Referral discount
  • Bundle discount
  • Seasonal offers and more!

You'll not only enjoy our classes each week or each day, but also have access to our FREE PLAYGYM sessions, receive free preview classes, and parent handouts.
Gymboree hosts various events from time to time to encourage Gymboree community bonding. Free invitation to:

  • Play Gym Parties
  • Monthly Free Party
  • Reading Week in Play Gym
  • Gymboree Talks

Gymboree has cross-promotional alliances to benefit people and retailers, currently for Lahore only.


  • Hameed Latif Hospital
  • Mid City Hospital
  • Palillos Restaurant
  • Arcadian Café
  • Ferozsons Pvt.ltd
  • Studio Empoli
  • Yogilicious
  • Hopscotch
  • Enem
  • Zubaidas'

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